Sports Betting Analysis: How to Make a Forecast?

The bookmaker has an advantage over the gambler due to the margin, but this does not mean that it is impossible to win on bets. A competent analysis allows you to neutralize the superiority of bookmakers, and how to correctly analyze matches and make accurate predictions for sports – I will tell you in detail in this material.

What sport is better to bet on?

The question that every player has asked at least once in his life is – what kind of sport is better to bet on? Let’s try to figure it out. To begin with, the ideal sport for betting does not exist and, by definition, cannot be. The conventional wisdom is that you should bet on the sport you know . This is logical, reasonable and obvious. If you do not have one, then we will continue to study this issue.

There is an opinion among experts that it is better to choose unpopular sports for betting, and even better – exotic ones such as NHL bets. For example, kabbadi, netball, rowing, cycling and the like. Bookmaker analysts superficially study events in such disciplines and adjust the odds with a delay, which results in a lot of value. And this is true, but there is also a downside to the coin – a high margin, and in general the conditions for betting are not the most attractive: a narrow line and painting, poor live, and so on.

On the other hand, popular sports are well covered by bookmakers, and the margin for such events is much lower. In addition, statistics, injuries, interviews, and other data are easy to find in the forecasting process. Standing apart among them is football – the most popular sport.

For the analysis of football matches, a large number of resources are available with detailed information about leagues, teams, players and each game. Football matches are held all year round, which is a significant advantage for a stable income in bookmakers.

What matches to make predictions for?

Winning bets can be made both on any sport and on any match, if you have certain knowledge and skills. But if you think about where the player has more chances and which fights are more promising for forecasting, then several criteria can be distinguished:

  • Status tournament . For popular and prestigious football leagues, bookmakers offer the highest odds, as well as a wide list, high limits, good live conditions and special promotions. In the top championships, there are no, well, or practically no match-fixing, which in the current reality is a great advantage. Plus, it is very easy to find information for analysis, everything is disassembled in detail on thousands of sites.
  • High motivation of rivals . As you know, motivation is one of the most important parameters of the analysis. If both teams are serious about the fight, then this greatly simplifies the assessment of the odds when making a prediction.
  • A minimum of unforeseen factors . It is advisable to bypass matches where there is a lot of uncertainty. For example, the entry into the field of the team leader is in doubt. And the result of the meeting directly depends on whether he plays or not. And, one wonders, what is the point of wasting time on a forecast if the leader’s non-participation radically changes the pre-match layouts?

Thus, if a match meets these three criteria, it can be considered ideal for analysis and therefore betting. However, this approach is not a panacea, because there may be significant amendments, taking into account the strategy used.