How to win money at a bookmaker’s office using bets?

Sports betting attracts millions of players around the world. Some make bets several times a year for the sake of pleasure and new emotions, while others do it much more often in order to get a win. However, only experienced cappers know how to beat the bookmaker and consistently gain profit. In this article, we will tell you what methods the players use to get an advantage over the bookmaker.

Few ways to beat the bookmaker

There are different approaches to betting. It is worth choosing this or that method based on your own skills, the availability of insider information and funds. You will learn in detail about each approach, the risks and its effectiveness.


Forks are a common strategy among players who want to make money without risk. The essence of the scheme is that the user bets in 2-3 bookmakers on opposite outcomes. If you find a suitable event, then with such a bet, regardless of the outcome of the match, the player will remain in the black. Let’s take a look at a simple example.

Let’s say it’s a match between Chelsea and Arsenal. The first bookmaker sets odds for TB 2.1 and TM 1.9. The second office evaluates the odds differently, exposing the quotations of TB 1.9 and TM 2.1 . In such a situation, in order to obtain a guaranteed profit, we need to make two equal bets.

At the first bookmaker we bet 100 rubles on TB 2.1, and at the second bookmaker the same amount on TM 2.1. Regardless of the outcome, we will receive 210 rubles. The net profit is 10 rubles (10%). However, this method has serious disadvantages:

  1. Difficulty finding suitable events.

Bookmakers are constantly updating their odds, so finding the right match will be easy on In some cases, the amount of time spent is not offset by the resulting profit.

  1. Cancel rate.

After you have made a bet on sports with the first bookmaker, the second one may not accept the bet. Because of this, experienced players rarely use this strategy.

Line movement

The odds are constantly changing depending on the new data that the bookmaker receives. The speed of line renewal among bookmakers is significantly different and this can be used to your advantage. Let’s take a look at one example of such a strategy.

Let’s say in the morning all bookmakers set odds of 2 for Chelsea to win the match against Arsenal. At lunchtime, some bookmakers dropped the coefficient to 1.9, and in one it remained unchanged. This means that most bookmakers are even more confident in the victory of Chelsea, which means that a bet at odds of 2 is considered profitable, since the quote is overstated.

Such a system has its own risks:

  1. Account blocking.

Over time, employees will definitely pay attention to such a player. If you constantly use only such a strategy, you may encounter account blocking or problems with withdrawing money.

  1. The risk of losing.

A value bet does not guarantee a win. It only allows you to slightly increase the chances of passing, but the risk of losing is still high.